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Known as the Renovation Queen Tanya Griffin has over 20 yrs experience rescuing clients all over Southern California, saving them TIME and MONEY from their renovation nightmare and stresses. Working with small and large scale interior renovations and staging homes to sell, Tanya launched her own design studio in 2007. Clients gravitate to her easy going nature and straight forward organized approach to renovating. Handing over the renovation management and stresses allowing them to enjoy the process and see their vision come to life.
Tanya loves creating timeless spaces and elevating her clients home, after all it is their sanctuary that needs to speak to their heart and spirit.

img_0329Denise Lakey is an Los Angeles based Home Stager who takes pride in her ability to transform spaces by bringing ideas and inspirations to life. With over 7 years of experience in the industry, she has developed a keen eye for creating awe-inspiring surroundings. Denise is also adept in finding creative ways to help budget-conscious clients design their dream spaces.

Denise's mission is creating interiors with a fresh perspective that uniquely reflect the client’s personality and desires. Her designs produce original results that keep the client’s needs and vision a priority. The result enables each individual’s style to emerge into a design that will inspire and promote their well-being. Denise's detail-oriented, client-focused approach makes her flexible and fun to work with. Experienced in both traditional and contemporary interiors, Denise is able to translate any style to satisfy the desires of an assortment of different clients. Her personal design style consists of a balance of natural, and modern materials and décor.

Denise attended Santa Monica College and California Design College. Where she studied Design and Marketing. Outside of design, she enjoys traveling, live music, crafts and scouring unique gems. Beyond that you can find her baking sweat treats with lots of Love.